Starting a Campaign

Starting a Campaign is simple and free to your company.

What’s Required of Employers:

  • Assign a campaign coordinator to oversee the campaign, distribute material, collect pledge forms, complete a campaign report, and forward pledge form copies to CS and your payroll department.
  • Establish a timeline. Most campaigns take place in Fall. Pledges are deducted from paychecks during the next calendar year.
  • Promote the campaign. Our staff will work with you to develop ideas, arrange for participating non-profits to speak at kick-offs or other events, and answer questions at the workplace.
  • Set up an automatic deduction.
  • Send campaign check and donor data to CS on the agreed schedule.

Community Shares will:

  • help launch your campaign
  • assist in developing a timeline
  • give you the tools to implement payroll contributions
  • provide campaign materials
  • assist you throughout the process
  • educate you on best-practices
  • advise you about online giving options to minimize campaign paperwork

If your workplace currently has a program with other charities, it’s easy to add Community Shares as a choice. 

Community Shares is dedicated to providing companies a choice in their workplace giving campaign. If you are interested in adding Community Shares to your current workplace giving campaign or want to start a new workplace giving campaign please fill out this form and we will get back to you.