Campaign Coordinator Resources

Coordinator Checklist for the State Campaign

This checklist is used as a guide when talking to the State Campaign Coordinator

___ Create an introductory paragraph for the workplace toolkit.

___ Call the campaign coordinator to set up a meeting to drop off the toolkit and introduce yourself.

___ Take several  Community Shares brochures  and some give away items with you.

___ Take your own brochure and any information that you think would be helpful.

___ Remember to say thanks.

___ Let Community Shares know when you are meeting and how the meeting went.

___ Ask for the dates of their departmental campaign.

___ Ask if they are planning a kick-off event for their department.

___ Get the names of the other coordinators from the other federations, United Way and Community Health Charities.

___ Ask what media they have available and find out submission dates/guidelines.

___ Obtain their name and all their contact information and the contact information of anyone who may be helping them.

___ Ask how many employees are in their department.

___ Ask how many posters they will need to put in their departments across the state , get address to mail posters.

___ Find out if this is the first time that they have coordinated this event or if they have been a coordinator in the past.

___ Tell Community Shares staff about the information you have obtained.

Things to Know about the State Campaign

Please remember that the coordinators have lots going on so be courteous and respectful of their time.

The coordinators may have departments in all of the counties of the state so it is important to ask what they are doing in other parts of the state. If individual departments are having a kick off we might be able to attend.

Typical Questions About Community Shares 

Here are some frequent questions that a coordinator might have about Community Shares.

How is Community Shares unique or different from the other federations in the campaign?

The difference between Community Shares and other federations is our focus-while we believe that charity is a good thing, it is even better to change the system so charity is less necessary. That’s why we fund community groups who tackle issues at the roots. People assume some issues are impossible. They’re not. We’re ending poverty, protecting the environment, helping animals, fighting discrimination and working for the equal treatment of all.

How does Community Shares distribute contributions?

General contributions to Community Shares are distributed equally among member organizations (with the exception of Associate Members, who only receive contributions designated to them). Designations are distributed in addition to the share of general contributions twice a year once in June and once in December.

Are contributions confidential?

Your contribution information remains confidential. You will be acknowledged according to the rules of the campaign that you are in.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please note that in 2007 the IRS increased the amount of documentation that you need to retain in order to claim a tax deduction. For further information, please visit the IRS website or your tax accountant.

Does Community Shares monitor its member organizations?

Yes. Each year we review the finances, management, governance, activities and accomplishments of each member group. Organizations must meet strict criteria to remain members of Community Shares.