Circle of Change Knoxville

2016 Community Shares Circle of Change Awards (East TN)

Date: Saturday, April 9, 20162016 COC logo centered
Time: 6pm to 11pm
Place: Bearden Banquet Hall, 5806 Kingston Pike
Cost: $35 per person, $65 per couple ($275 for table of 10)
Events: Dinner, Awards Celebration, Silent & Live Auctions, Cash Bar & Entertainment

2016 Award Recipients

The “Circle of Change” awards honor those in our community who give significant time and energy in the service of social change. There are five awards given out that night.

The “Danny Mayfield Champion of Change” Award goes to a leader or leaders in our community who has championed an initiative or campaign whose goal is to change conditions that create injustice.

The 2016 award is presented to Erik and Libby Johnson for years of social change work- from justice for Central America, to stopping nuclear weapons production, opposing the death penalty and fighting for affordable health care for all.

The “Gardener of Change” award honors an educator who teaches their students to think critically about issues of injustice (locally, nationally or internationally) and encourages them to take action.

The 2016 award is presented to Anabel Lino and Carlos Pinilla for their efforts in growing Centro Hispano. Together they built programs, garnered grassroots support and helped build it into an excellent organization dedicated to providing education opportunities to the Hispanic community.

The “Seed of Change” award is given to a young person (under age 25) who has shown leadership, vision and courage in addressing injustice.

The 2016 award is presented to Edward Chayehoi for his bravery, determination, and devotion in reaching out, speaking up, and organizing on a number of community issues including school push out and the Black Lives Matter and Stop the Violence campaigns.

The “Artist of Change” award is presented to an artist (not limited to the visual arts) who uses their art to create social change or demonstrates a connection between their art and social change.

The 2016 Artist of Change is award is presented to Summer Awad for her play, Walls: A Play for Palestine which used the medium of theater to educate, inform and issue a call to action in regards to the occupation of Palestine.

The “Institution for Change” award goes to a business or institution that has implemented an initiative that demonstrates socially conscious business practices in its dealings with the community.

This year’s award is presented to Regions Bank for their efforts to expand and improve Regions Bank’s services for people with disabilities and devotion to ADA principles.

The “Campaign for Change” award is a new award that honors a recent campaign that is working/has worked in pursuit of social change, included grassroots support and has/had a significant impact on a constituency or the community at large.

Our first Campaign for Change award is presented to the Tennessee is NOT for Sale campaign for its efforts to stop the Governor’s plan to privatize public jobs. The campaign harnessed the power of united communities across the state and shed light on a plan that was designed to fly under the radar.

If you don’t wish to purchase tickets or make an online donation, please send a check to Community Shares, 507 South Gay Street, Suite 1120, Knoxville, TN 37902. For more information call 865-522-1604 or email