Courage to Keep Trying… A recently blinded man’s story

In 2012 I was working at a business my wife had started 32 years ago. I had been doing the cleaning business for 18 years and it was very successful - the 2 of us together had over 50 clients. Then in March of 2012, with in a 2 weeks time, I lost my eye sight and was told I was legally blind and couldn't drive anymore. After going to 5 different doctors they said that something had crushed the optic nerve in my brain - causing me to lose sight in both eyes at the same time. I knew I could no … [Read more...]

Tips for Working with Volunteer Surge

Everyday there is another reason to protest. From the new presidential administration to environmental catastrophes and beyond, there is some crazypants-bananas-what-just-happened moments we face and are forced to emotionally process nearly continually. With that comes more involved and curious people who are looking to get involved to help make a difference. You want proof?  See this statement made just after the election: “Right now there is clearly a lot of energy around people looking to … [Read more...]

Quickly Onboarding New Volunteers

As we are all nonprofits, we most likely utilize volunteers from time to time for various support, assistance, and community organizing tasks. The assumption here is that you already have a New Volunteer Policy and Onboarding Procedure in place. If not, that's another conversation. I have some deep knowledge of working with and managing volunteers and the onboarding process can be long--taking weeks in cases that involve background checks. So, in today's … [Read more...]

Victories in the Fight Against Sexual Violence

TENNESSEE COALITION TO END DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE The following information comes directly from our 2014 Annual Report: Letter from the Executive Director For many of us who have been working for more than 30 years to end rape and abuse, 2014 emerged as a tipping point – the culmination of a series of small changes or events significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. High profile cases in the news and rapidly growing efforts to address sexual assault and domestic … [Read more...]

Statewide Organization for Community eMpowerment,

Back in the 70’s, a small, devoted group of environmental ninjas tried to stop the big bad strip miners. This little group packed a huge punch, and an arsenal of daring, taking-it-to-the-limit strategies. One member of this fearless group was a man named J.W. Bradley. This man had watched his beloved homeland- one that was passed down through the generations, a sanctuary of unadulterated peace and beauty- become carelessly torn up and flooded with a cacophony of mechanical noises by the machines … [Read more...]