Member Group Spotlight: Planned Parenthood

Accomplishments of Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee (PPMET) Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee Health Centers had 13,000 clients come to us for over 18,000 visits in 2016. They come to PPMET for confidential and affordable services that include annual exams and pap tests, pregnancy tests, breast exams, birth control, transgender care, PrEP/PEP services, STD/STI testing and treatment, and abortion services. In 2016, the PG-13 Players, PPMET’s Nashville-area … [Read more...]

CISV: Why I Work There

In 2011, our inspiration came through our eleven year-old who pleaded with us “but this is a life-changing opportunity."  Tough to argue against that from a young child. He wanted to participate with CISV on a trip to Sweden.  A month-long trip with three other 11-year olds with a leader who was a 21 year old UT graduate. Her confidence and care for the delegation managed to win-over those of us with any lingering doubts about the program. Our commitment to the organization grew through … [Read more...]

Organized Neighbors of Edgehill Community Garden Achievements

Terrance Murray Edgehill Community Memorial Garden provides: The opportunity for all members of the community, all ethnic groups to come together and get educated on growing food, preparing and storing their food for future meals. There are 5 different ethnic groups growing food together in the community garden. Groups from Black, White, Indian, Puerto Rican, Irish, and Muslims come together to learn more about each others culture build relationships. There is also the combination … [Read more...]

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, works to help give low income Tennesseans a Voice

  As part of a statewide organizing effort, communities across Tennessee are meeting with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) staff to discuss extreme energy burdens and how the utility can help reduce unnecessarily high utility bills, especially for low-income customers. In Memphis, Tennessee’s largest city, old housing stock and a lack of economic resources to make home improvements has led to energy bills that can represent more than 25% of a family’s annual income. Generally, energy … [Read more...]

Empower TN Community Conversations for Change

Empower TN is currently involved in a multi county Community Conversation. We are holding these conversations in all 7 counties to which Independent Living services are provided through Empower TN. These conversations are unique in the fact that they are geared toward individuals with disabilities and not service providers. We want to hear from the communities on what independent living means to them, what services they are currently receiving, and what services they hope to see in their area. … [Read more...]