Get Involved This Week

Here are some of the activities happening this week with our member groups. November 9 Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty present: Stephen Bright, president and senior counsel of the Southern Center for Human Rights, instructor at Yale Law School, and Vanderbilt Social Justice Fellow, will present, "Massive Indifference: Routine Violation of the Constitutional Right to Counsel in Death Penalty and Other Cases." Bright served as director of the Center from 1982 through 2005 and … [Read more...]

Workers Interfaith Network If you can be sure that you’ll get a paycheck for the work you do, give thanks. Workers like Delmar Vasquez can never be sure that their bosses won’t rip them off.  Delmar is a young worker originally from Guatemala. He went to work for a janitorial company cleaning car dealerships around Memphis.  But after a month of work, Delmar still hadn’t been paid a dime for it. Then his boss fired him.  Suddenly he had no way to pay his rent, buy food, or send money home to … [Read more...]

Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind

The Mid-Tennessee Council of the Blind (MTCB) is one of five not-for-profit chapters across the state whose members are concerned about the dignity and well-being of blind people and vision impaired Middle Tennesseans. Our members include persons who are blind, losing vision, or are parents of a child who is blind or visually impaired or fully sighted. We welcome anyone who wishes to work toward equal rights and full participation in society for everyone with a disability. The chapters purpose … [Read more...]

People for Animals

Found tied to a tree and abandoned, China went to her new home with their best intentions….but love was not enough. Their lack of money and knowledge created even more hardship for her as inadequate food and care turned her muscular frame to skin and bones.   Fortunately her plight was discovered and animal advocates worked to educate the family.  People For Animals provided financial assistance for her spay.  Last year our all-volunteer organization assisted in 513 spays and neuters and made … [Read more...]